About us

BOOS plan, a.s. company has had more than 20 years of experience in the field of building design, project management and technical supervision of projects. Our activities are focused mainly on domestic market but we also work for clients in Slovakia, Austria or Germany. Our team consists of experienced architects, civil engineers, designers, technicians and a wide range of other specialists who provide complex services in the field of architecture, design, engineering activities regarding construction, project management and technical consultations conducted by experts.

We help our clients to implement their investment projects from the initial idea to the final phase when a building is put into operation.

“Our philosophy is responsibility for time, space and the person.”


  • 2013

    Company restructuring:
    Boos plan, a.s. – projecting and engineering
    BOOS development, s.r.o. – development projects
  • 2009

    BOOS, a.s. severní Morava – establishment of a branch for North Moravia region
  • 2004

    Formation of a new section for development projects
  • 1999

    BOOS Trade, s.r.o.
    New established company takes over activities in supplying of bank technologies
  • 1990-1999

    Formating of independent offices in Prague and Zlin
  • 1990

    BOOS, a.s. – company establishing






We provide processing of project documentation in all stages, from the feasibility study to the project implementation.
Our clients have at their disposal all the documentation for their investment plans, architectural and operational studies, visualization of projects, estimated costs provided by professionals, expert´s statements and consultations. Consequently, we prepare documentation for area management and planning, construction management, selection of the contractor, execution of construction works, documentation for sale, etc.
Engineering activities, consultation with building authorities and ensuring the necessary statements and permits are an essential part of our project accomplishments.

While processing our construction project designs we also use a 3D modeling method called BIM (i.e. “Building Information Modeling”). BIM is basically a structured information database, which includes all the possible information about the construction. This data may be used in the course of the entire life cycle of the building, from the feasibility study, throughout the lifespan of the object itself until the phase of its demolition.
BIM system enables to optimize the designs of building structures and in the course of the lifespan of a building it ensures an effective and economical way of operation of all the systems in this object and operation of the building as a whole.

Project management provides management of the entire construction project or its individual phases, from the initial idea of an investment project to the final phase of putting the building into operation and the end-user acceptance. Project manager accompanies the investor in the course of the project with the intention to comply with the defined parameters regarding economy, time and quality of the construction. The project manager represents the investor in negotiations with all the participating contracting parties of the project, coordinates activities of the individual entities and prepares all the project documents for the investor´s decision.

Technical supervision of the investor ensures the inspection of the construction process and of the quality of construction works in accordance with the project documentation, taking into consideration the current state of the construction process. It regards taking-over completed construction works, inspection and acceptance of partial construction works, which will be covered with further construction activities. Technical supervision also checks the accuracy of reports of construction works in relation to the use of given funds.